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Dear Guests,

We want everyone to know that our old reservation number has been disconnected due to technical issues.  So there is no reason for alarm as we are still here after 13 years and we look forward to seeing everyone who has booked with us!

In the mean time please call Travis at 504-717-8224 should you have any questions.  We will return any and all calls if no one can answer at the time you call.

Please read before booking!!

Recently we had a guest who booked with us that was 81 years old and called us to complain because they could not find our property because they wrote down the wrong address.  Please write down the correct address :)

Next they complained that the pictures on booking.com were not the same property.  this is the furthest thing from the truth.  We do not trick anyone into booking with us and all the pictures are accurate.  We are a house and NOT a hotel.  When they arrived they called to complain that this was not the place they booked (of course they loved the rates compared to other properties which is why they booked with us and should not have booked with us because they were high maintenance).  I asked them if they did the proper research to ensure they knew what they were booking and the man yelled at me "in 81 years I've never had to do my research."  

Next they made-up an excuse that they were old and could not climb the stairs.  This is a house and not a hotel so we do NOT have an elevator!  They complained in a review that there was no one there to help them with their bags up the stairs when we state that we do NOT have staff for this which is why we provide low rates. 

They went on to complain that the beds were "lumpy" and that they were uncomfortable and had to sleep on the edge. As most people can see our reviews on website talk about how super the memory foam beds are at the property.  But they were not good enough for this person. 

Next they went on to complain that there was not any parking and that they couldn't find a spot on the street.  That was not the issue.  They wanted a parking spot in the front of the house because they were "too old to walk from far away."  We have no control over parking.  It is on the street and it is free parking.

Next they complained there was a critter chirping and kept them awake.  We do have squirrels in the neighborhood unfortunately and they do get on the roof.  They didn't have the common decency to let us know.  We addressed this issue with wildlife control and they are in the process of trapping the squirrels.

So with all of this said.....it is critical to do your homework before you travel.  We do not hide anything and we are honest military folks.  Do us a favor and book somewhere else if you need certain amenities like on-site parking, a concierge, and an elevator.  If you are a picky person or OCD this is not a good property for you.  The guests that are happy here are ones that appreciate a clean room and cheaper place to stay.  We do not want any other types of people staying here!!

Travel Back In Time To the Warmth and Charm of Creole Inn!
Creole Inn, one of the oldest inns in New Orleans, LA

Experience Authentic New Orleans, LA From Our Hotel Rooms

If you visit New Orleans, LA, you deserve to have a real taste of the local culture. Let the Creole Inn transport you back to the 1850s and immerse you in all the sights, sounds, and flavors that the city has to offer. Book your hotel rooms at our guest house today, and stay just a short walk away from Bourbon Street and Frenchman Street, where Louis Armstrong and the Neville Brothers first played.  

From our location in the historic Fauborg Marigny District, you can experience the best of New Orleans, but you won’t have to pay a fortune. We offer comfortable, friendly accommodations at reasonable prices, which means you can save money on your hotel and use your vacation funds on the area’s antique shops, restaurants, coffee houses, or live music venues instead.

Learn More About Our Accommodations

The Creole Inn isn’t a traditional bed and breakfast, but it is a guest house. When you stay with us, you’ll stay in a suite with a private bathroom. Additionally, all double suites feature two private bedrooms. All of our hotel rooms in New Orleans, LA come with warm and charming décor, as well as memory foam mattresses.

Keep in mind that we aren’t a modern establishment, so you shouldn’t expect a modern experience. We don’t provide breakfast, but we will do everything else we can to make your visit as delightful as possible.

Experience New Orleans’ Best Kept Secret

If you’d like to surround yourself with the highlights of New Orleans, LA culture, book your stay at Creole Inn, one of the coziest inns in the area. Use the link below to book online now, or call (504) 941-0243 if you have any questions.

Leave your stress behind.
Immerse yourself in the history at the Historic Creole Inn.

Book Online Now

Old Historic Creole Inn
2471 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA 70117
(504) 717-8224 
E-Mail:  CreoleInnReservations@gmail.com

  Our staff is wonderful and inviting and will treat you with the utmost kindness and respect.  Being Nice is Important to us as we have had our share of disrespectful people.  If you are a decent person looking for great rates and a cozy stay you will love us!!!! 
The Historic Creole Inn is laidback, easygoing and we respect your privacy! If you are nice and respectful, looking for an AFFORDABLE, quiet and comfortable place to relax while in New Orleans then book with us! The Creole Inn is not for arrogant, rude, loud or high maintenance people as this is a cozy stay and NOT a 5-Star Hotel. If you require a chauffeur, a maid, a bell person, or building that looks like a modern palace then please stay at a chain hotel for 3 times the price and not inconvenience us or our wonderful charming and laid-back guests. If you are easygoing and just a "decent" person then we welcome you, your friends and your family into our guest house with open arms! We keep most rates low even as low as $49 per nite with 4 or more day stays so our guests can spend the extra savings on enjoying all that New Orleans has too offer. 
We look forward to seeing you so please come in and take your shoes off and stay a while!